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Santa Claus: The Musical


The immortal creatures of the forest of Burzee are celebrating budding day (THE BUDDING MONTH OF MAY), presided over by Ak, the Master Woodsman, just back from his annual trip through the mortal world. Upon hearing his report that the humans are struggling, his daughter, Necile, pleads with him to allow her to help. When he refuses, she longs to have something that will give some measure to her existence (SOMETHING MORE).

Outside the forest, the Awgwas, a group of bumbling immortals who were banished from Burzee many years ago after their leader, Scourge, attempted to overthrow Ak, are in the midst of their own slightly off-key celebration of budding day. Scourge pledges he will one day defeat Ak and rule the entire immortal kingdom (WHO, BUT THE AWGWAS?).

The next day, news reaches Ak that Necile has found a human baby who had been abandoned in the mortal woods. Ak, at first, refuses to allow her to keep it but relents when he realizes how attached she has become to the child she has named Claus (NECILE'S LULLABY). As the lullaby sequence continues, Claus grows to 8 years old. When he begins questioning why he's different from the immortal friends around him, Ak decides to take Claus on a series of journeys through the mortal world where he learns about his human counterparts (THE FLIGHT). During this musical sequence, we watch Claus age to adulthood. Upon his return to the forest, Claus makes a decision to live among the humans and bids good-bye to Necile who tells him to do his best to make a difference in his world (MAKE A DIFFERENCE).

One evening, Claus hears the cries of a child outside his cabin. It seems a boy, Frederick, has lost his way home. Attempting to find a way to cheer Frederick up, Claus learns that the boy has a pet cat named Toyan and proceeds to carve a cat out of a piece of wood (NOBODY LIKES TO SEE A LITTLE ONE SAD) and, unknowingly, creates the first "toy."

The next day, as the invisible Awgwas are causing chaos among the children, Claus enters with Frederick who is reunited with his parents. When Frederick's friends see the carved "toyan," they plead with Claus to make a "toy" for each of them. Claus agrees and leaves to begin his work while the townspeople marvel at the effect this wonderful man has had on the children (HIS NAME IS CLAUS). Upon witnessing the happiness that has spread through the town, the Awgwas decide to inform Scourge about this man who could spell trouble for them.

A few days later, Claus is visited by Dolly Dibble, the daughter of one of the lords of the town. A lonely child, she asks Claus to make a toy for her as well, but something other than the carved animals that he has been providing for the other children. Though he doesn't quite know what that will be, he agrees. When his mother, Necile, surprises him with a visit, he informs her of his dilemma regarding Dolly but she assures him that he'll think of something. Upon her departure, he discovers that Necile has magically left behind a small replica of a human child, one which Claus decides he will call "dolly." Another knock at his door finds an old man who begs him for food and drink. Claus invites him in and, while he is busy preparing the nourishment, the old man pours some ominous liquid into Claus' cup which results in Claus falling into a deep sleep. Once asleep, the man's disguise comes off and we see that it is Scourge. He calls on his Awgwas to get rid of Claus and then pronounces that the happy reign of the man the town has been calling Santa Claus is over.

Claus awakes to find himself alone in a dark cave. When he calls out for help, Necile comes to his rescue and frees him. Once they are gone, Scourge emerges from the shadows and, having recognized Necile from his days in the immortal kingdom, realizes that he has found a way to get back inside the forest and once more attempt to overthrow his nemesis, Ak (AT LAST!).


With more and more children requesting toys, Claus finds that keeping up with the demand is almost more than he can handle. Necile and Ak decide to assist and a toy shop is set up manned by immortals who will help in the creation of the toys (MAKING TOYS). To transport the toys back to his cottage, the immortals also give Claus the use of a sleigh and two reindeer which he will also use to help in the deliveries to the children.

Claus gets a surprise visit from Frederick and his parents who convince him that he needs some sort of identifiable outfit so that the children will instantly know who he is when he arrives in town. They attempt to find just the right "look" for him (CLOTHES FOR CLAUS), but are not very successful. Scourge and the Awgwas descend on the cottage and, after kidnapping Frederick and his parents, force Claus to put in a call for help from Necile. When she appears on the scene, she too is kidnapped and is taken along with Claus to the Awgwa lair.

Scourge brings word to Ak that he has captured Necile and Claus and forces Ak to agree to a showdown between the Awgwas and the immortals of Burzee. Scourge is sure that this is the final step to his plan to take over the immortal world (JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS).

Scourge informs Claus and Necile of the impending showdown. Claus apologizes to Necile for the trouble he has created. Rather than being upset with him, Necile tells him how proud she is of all the good work he's done (THE MAN YOU'VE BECOME).

Two days later, the battle between the Awgwas and the immortals takes place (THE BATTLE), resulting in the total defeat of Scourge and his band. Though it's a cause for celebration, Ak cautions each of his subjects to constantly be on guard against any force of evil that may threaten the peace of the world (ONE MAN). With the world free of Awgwa interference, Claus once again begins his deliveries to the children and soon many of the traditions that have become associated with him and the Christmas season are created (THE WAY IT ALL BEGAN).

Many years later Claus is very ill and his life may soon come to at an end. Necile pleads with Ak to spare the world the loss of such a wonderful man and to make him immortal. Ak at first refuses but realizes that there will always be children who need Santa Claus in their lives. He orders all immortals to assemble at Claus's cottage. The next day, as Claus lies unconscious, Ak bestows the red mantle of immortality on Claus who rises, finally wearing the red Santa suit we all have come to recognize, ready to accept his dictate to make the world a better place for children forevermore (MAKE A DIFFERENCE, Reprise).