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Obtaining Material for Perusal or Performance

For our Musicals:


  1. Download each script you need, whether it be for perusal or performance, at no charge directly from the website and feel free to make as many copies as you will need. (Adobe Acrobat Format)
  2. Purchase them for $15.00 each (includes shipping).


  • For perusal - available for a 30-day perusal period for a $3.00 per book shipping charge.
  • For performance - they will be included in the rehearsal material you receive along with the piano scores and orchestrations.

NOTE: Full piano scores are not available for perusal purposes.


  • Purchase a CD recording of a show for $5 (includes shipping)

For our Interactive Murder Mysteries:

Partial Murder Mystery scripts are available free of charge via email or via U.S. mail for a postage charge of $3.00 per script.

Partial scripts include the following:

  1. A Festivities page which details the theme of the event
  2. Character backgrounds
  3. The structure and information to divulge for each scene explained in detail
  4. Partial example of pages from the scripted Interrogation
  5. Performance tips

NOTE: Upon signed contract and prepaid royalty fee, these additional pages will be included in the scripts you would purchase for your performance at $5 each:

  1. The "secrets" of each individual character
  2. The complete scripted Interrogation
  3. The complete scripted Revelation

To order any of the above materials, please print and complete the order form and send along with your payment to:

MC2 Entertainment
4610 Homeland Blvd.
Erie, PA 16509