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Interactive Murder Mysteries
Written by Charles Corritore


Each interactive/audience-participation murder mystery is written for a cast of either 7 or 8 performers.


Each opens with a 20-minute major scene during which the audience is made aware of the reason for the gathering (a wedding, a memorial service, a contest etc.), all characters are introduced and a crisis ensues which sets the rest of the event off on the road to mystery.

Dinner begins. Cast members are seated among the guests and interact with them throughout dinner. The cast also interacts with each other in a series of short, structured scenes during which grievances surface, accusations fly and, of course, many threats are made.

At the end of dinner, another major scene takes place which leads to the murder of one of the characters. At this point, a detective takes over the proceedings and puts the remaining suspects through a scripted Interrogation during which evidence envelopes are opened and all information necessary to solve the crime comes out. Once the Interrogation is complete, all guests are challenged to fill out their ballots naming the murder, the motive and the method of the crime.

The evening ends with the deceased being called back to life to name his or her murderer, followed by a detailed, scripted Revelation during which the detective explains how each piece of evidence led to the discovery of the culprit's identity.

(Note: Though the scenes leading up to the Interrogation are structured in the fact that there is certain information that must come out during them, there is ample room for improv, creativity and humor on the part of each performer.)

Depending on how long it takes dinner to be served, the average running time is 2:15 to 2:30 in length. The mystery works extremely well with either a sit-down dinner or a buffet.

Money Mayhem - You Bet Your Life

You're on hand for the taping of the WRIP Network's hottest TV game show, "You Bet Your Life," where any member of the studio audience can walk away with the million dollar cash prize.

Unfortunately, someone is about to make a deadly wager and end up paying the ultimate price for it.

Microphone Mayhem - The Comedy Club Murders

It's the grand reopening of the "Laugh 'til You Die" Comedy Club!  After nine months of intense investigation into a mysterious fire that took the life of one of its co-owners, the popular nite spot has been cleared of any wrongdoing and all concerned have hopes for a bright future and are anxious to put the tragedy behind them.

Unfortunately, someone doesn't share those sentiments and, before the evening is over, is determined to get the last laugh.

Will the culprit be found before another victim yells "'re killing me!?"

Maritime Mayhem - Dead Man Floating

It's the maiden voyage of the new cruise ship, the USS Gigantic, and a festive mood pervades the air.  From the Captain and crew, down to each of the invited guests, all are anticipating a pleasurable experience during the week-long excursion to the Virgin Islands aboard the state-of-the-art vessel.

Unfortunately, as they gather for a celebratory banquet, none are aware that someone onboard has other plans which might force a change in that will lead them directly into the path of murder.

Who is the culprit that is sending the victims to their water-logged fate."

Medical Mayhem - Dead on Arrival

It's the annual "Physician of the Year" Dinner sponsored by Our Lady of the Healthy Charges Medical Center.  You and your guests are on hand to honor the recipient of this year's award.  But it seems that not everyone who's present agrees with this year's choice.

In fact, before the evening is over, it's probably a good thing that there's a doctor in the house!

Matinee Mayhem - The Phantom of the Soap Opera

You have been given a private invitation to witness the live broadcast of a new daytime soap opera, "One Life to Take."

However, a series of mishaps have befallen the cast and crew, leaving the future of the show in doubt.

Someone seems to be eliminating the cast and unlucky victim at a time!  Who will be next?

Will the "phantom" be discovered before the show becomes nothing but "dead" air?

Musical Mayhem - Killing Me Softly

It's Karaoke night at Billy Bob's Country Bar, sponsored by RDNK Radio, and you and your guests are on hand for the "Hoedown Showdown" where one of the two lucky finalists will be awarded a recording contract with a major label!

But before the night is over, someone will be found dead...the victim of harmonious homicide!

Menu Mayhem - Recipe for Murder

You and your guests are members of the audience for a taping of the local cable access channel's most popular cooking show, "The Chicken Friar," hosted by Brother Dominick Vobiscum.  But it seems that there's a lot more cookin' "behind the scenes" than in front of the camera.  In fact, before the evening is over. the entree just might include a big helping of MURDER!

Matriarch Mayhem - The Stromboli Family Reunion

Mama Filomena Stromboli is celebrating her 80th birthday and you and your guests are part of the family who have gathered for a reunion in her honor.

But someone at the party isn't very happy and the term "blood relative" takes on new meaning as one member of the family unexpectedly meets their maker.

Mama Mia Mayhem - Blood Relatives

The Stromboli Family has gathered at a memorial service to bid farewell to Mama Filomena who, three weeks ago at the ripe old age of 85, finally went to that big pizza parlor in the sky.  On hand for this solemn occasion are her kids and their respective spouses or significant others.

Naturally, at such a poignant occasion, emotions are high as everyone realizes they'll have to go on with their lives without mama.  Oh yeah, emotions are also high because this is the day when contents of mama's will are finally to be made public.  Who has been lucky enough to be included in the all important document?  No one knows.

Only one thing is certain, however.  By the end of the evening, besides mama, the memorial service will have one more body to send off to that celestial pizza palace?

Memorial Mayhem - Dearly Departed

You and your guests are attending the memorial service and reading of the will for the late Marvin P. Megabills, wealthy entrepreneur.  On hand are a few of his closest friends, associates and family members...those whom he trusted most in his life.

Of course, when there's a fortune at stake, is there anyone you can "really" trust?

Movie Mayhem - The Final Take

You're "on location" for the filming of a new movie, The Final Take, and you and your guests have been hired as "extras" in one of the big scenes.

But sometimes things happen that aren't in the script...sometimes with deadly results!

Matrimonial Mayhem - Till Death Do Us Part

The marriage if Barbara N. Bliss and Will U. Merrimee promises to be the social event of the season.  Hopes are high as the happy couple seems headed for a "happily-ever-after" long life together.

Unfortunately, the appearance of an uninvited guest threatens to change all of that and, before the evening is over, the phrase "till death do us part" takes on a rather untimely meaning.

It's a wedding you wouldn't want to be caught dead at!

Manuscript Mayhem - Poisoned Pens

It's the annual gathering of the Society of Mystery Enthusiasts and Great Mystery Authors where the "Author of the Year" will be named.  Each of the nominees are the creme de la creme of "whodunit" writers and are, without a doubt, the craftiest minds in the business.

Someone, however, seems to think otherwise and, before the evening is over, will try to commit the perfect crime!

Memoir Mayhem - The Scent of Murder

It's the annual sales convention for the Carrie May Cosmetics Company during which a new line of products entitled "My Elusive Desires" will be unveiled. Carrie May herself has also promised to read excerpts from her new "tell-all" autobiography bearing the same title of the new line.

Unfortunately, someone in the ranks isn't too enamoured with that idea and will stop at nothing to prevent it from happening......nothing!

Motel Mayhem - Dead and Breakfast

It’s a somewhat poignant night at the Lozza-Lucque Lodge as members of the staff and invited guests have gathered to celebrate the memory of co-owner, Otto Lucque, who drowned two weeks ago, after setting out for an afternoon of fishing on the nearby lake.

But the gathering soon takes an unexpected turn when it becomes clear that someone has other plans for the evening which might just include murder. Can you uncover the facts that will reveal the culprit…and can you do it before there’s no one left to serve the soup?!