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Watch the opening number:

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ACT ONE (songs are in bold italics)

1. Peeved
-frustration over daily annoyances
2. Welcome to Sky Blue Air
-using a voice-activated information system to check on a flight status
3.  The New CD (which progresses 5 different times during the show)
-attempting to unwrap a brand new CD recording
4.  Who Says We Have More Fun?
-complaints about the plethora of blonde jokes
5.  Channel Surfing
-late night viewing of the local PBS station
6.  I've Got Mail
-dealing with a mountain of email "spam"
7.  Just for Once!
-standing in a Customer Service line
8.  Heads-Up
-dealing with the world's most annoying commercial
9.  Potty Mouth
Don Popiel Jingle
-leaving the toilet seat up
10.  Two Characters in Search of Another
At Least You Can Say
-dating in the era of technical innovation
11.  Hidden Fees
-concert tickets with inflated prices
12.  Initials
-misunderstanding a text-message


1.  What's that Ringing Sound?
2.  I Can Hear You Now
-cell phones in the theatre
3.  Side Effects
-the hidden pitfalls of over-the-counter drugs
4.  The Bank Loan
-covering the escalating cost of an everyday item
5.  Leave a Message
-waiting.....and waiting.....and waiting for the beep
6.  The Express Lane
-getting behind a senior citizen at the grocery store
7.  Air Fare
-additional charges for flight amenities
8.  Somehow We Survived
-remembering simpler times
9.  Have a Nice Day
-four words which can chase the bad clouds away

10.  Peeved (reprise)